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Parker and Hyva Kind Multi Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck

Parker and Hyva Kind Multi Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck

    • Parker and Hyva Kind Multi Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck
    • Parker and Hyva Kind Multi Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck
  • Parker and Hyva Kind Multi Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Shandong
    Brand Name: DALLAST
    Certification: GS CE ISO9001-2009 TS16949
    Model Number: Standard , Non-standard

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: shrink film, pallet, plywood case and carton box
    Delivery Time: 20- 25 days after down payment
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union,paypal
    Supply Ability: 50000PCS per year
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    Detailed Product Description
    Model: Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Stage: 3 4 5 6 Stage
    Coating: Chrome Capacity Lifting: 13 - 90 Ton
    Warranty: One Year Used For: Dump Truck
    Structure: Telescoping Cylinder Tempetature: -30~+100 Degree Centigrade
    High Light:

    multi stage hydraulic ram


    hollow hydraulic cylinder

    Parker and Hyva Kind Multi stage Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder for Dump Truck


    Application: The Hydraulic Cylinders can be used for Dump Truck, Tipper Truck, Trailer, Agricultural Machinery, Engineering Machinery, Garbage Truck, Landing Platform etc;


    Product Process:

    1. Raw materials entering the factory, 27SiMn, 40CrMo, ST52, 45# steel tubes or bars for choice
    2. Do the pre-treatment including pickling, phosphating and saponification, and then cold-draw the seamless steel tubes.
    3. Put the steel tubes into the tempering furnace to do the stress relief annealing in convenience of the subsequent the processing.
    4. Multi-roll straightening machine, with 10 straightening points, achieves the automatic rolling straight improving the efficiency greatly
    5. Heat treatment to obtain work pieces with different properties by changing their internal microstructure or surface chemical composition.
    6. Cylindrical degree can be controlled within 0.03mm and the surface roughness is up to 0.4 by honing with range:φ40mm-φ450mm and longest length: 12000mm
    7. Machining processes to obtain high precision parts with complex shapes strictly according to the detailed drawings.
    8. Electroplating production process fulfills the functional and ornamental requirements for coating work pieces of different dimensions according to specific application requirements.
    9. Cleaning all the parts by automatic cleaning machine in the special solution and under special temperature control effectively.
    10. All the parts are assembled into complete cylinders according to the strict assembly instructions by skillful workers in dust-free workshop.
    11. Do proof pressure and performance tests to check whether the cylinders can operate smoothly and stably under the specified pressure with no leakage and deformation.
    12. Do the painting including high quality primer and topcoat to obtain beautiful appearance and protect the cylinders against the anticorrosion.
    13. Wooden pallet or boxes packing with plastic films wrapped on the surface, suitable for long-time sea transport.


    Cylinder Advantages:

    • Material:Alloy steel,Carbon steel,Stainless steel,27SiMn
    • Rod :Chrome plated and quenched.Has good mechanical properties, long service life
    • Cylinder:Honing machining /boring /rolling
    • Professional manufacturer& supplier of Hydraulic Cylinders
    • Hydraulic Cylinders Certification ISO9001:2009, SGS, TS16949, RoHS, CNAS Certification
    • Experience in export North America, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa
    • Hydraulic Cylinders can be Make according to client's requirements
    • One year warranty and long time track service is offered to solve any problems you meet after sale.

    Quality control

    • All specification is designed by professional engineer
    • All material is high quality-Seal kits are purchased from USA, Japan, UK and Sweden.
    • All material is processed by skilled workers and advanced CNC lathe
    • All cylinders are 100% tested before package to ensure every cylinder is qualified for its purpose
    • Package is air cushion film for each cylinder and steel case for all cylinders to ensure goods can arrive at customer safely

          We firmly believe that quality products from the outstanding design and concept,engineers with rich experience in our strong technical team. Analyzes, calculations, strength check and motion simulation in variety of software to make our design more close to actual working conditions, We will consider various factors in the design stage to avoid each risk of project failure. Our design and products could perfectly match customers' varied needs.




    Parker and Hyva Kind Multi Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck

    We can design piston hydraulic cylinder for what you want if you can provide us the following technical parameters:

    • Bore diameter;

    • Rod diameter;

    • Stroke;

    • Working pressure;

    • Front and back end mount type;

    • Using frequency;

    • Work Environment;

    Certainly, you can provide drawing and product photos so that we can understand your meaning more conveniently, or you can also send us sample and we produce for you according to your sample.
    Parker and Custom Hoists Kind
    Parker Model No. Max. Stage Diameter Stroke(A) Closed Length(B) Open Length(C)
    S53DC-66-72 3TG F5*72 5" 72"(1829mm) 37.19" (945mm) 109.19" (2773mm)
    S53DC-66-84 3TG F5*84 5'' 84" (2134mm) 41.19" (1046mm) 125.19" (3180mm)
    S53DC-65-107 3TG F5*107 5" 107.56" (2732mm) 48.38" (1229mm) 155.94" (3961mm)
    S53DC-65-126 3TG F5*126 5" 126.63" (3216mm) 54.56" (1386mm) 181.19" (4602mm)
    S63DC-101-86 3TG F6*86 6" 86.75" (2203mm) 40.88" (1038mm) 127.63" (3241mm)
    S63DC-101-104 3TG F6*104 6" 103.94" (2640mm) 47" (1194mm) 150.94" (3834mm)
    S63DC-101-107 3TG F6*107 6" 107.56" (2732mm) 48.38" (1289mm) 155.94" (3961mm)
    S63DC-97-111 3TG F6*111 6'' 111" (2819mm) 49.94" (1268mm) 160.94" (4087mm)
    S63DC-102-120 3TG F6*120 6'' 120" (3048mm) 53.5" (1359mm) 173.5" (4407mm)
    S63DC-97-123 3TG F6*123 6'' 123" (3124mm) 54.94" (1395mm) 177.94" (4519mm)
    S63DC-102-126 3TG F6*126 6'' 126.31"(3208mm) 54.56" (1386mm) 180.87" (4594mm)
    S63DC-101-140 3TG F6*140 6'' 140.25" (3562mm) 59.81" (1519mm) 200.06" (5081mm)
    S64DC-12-135 4TG F6*135 6'' 135" (3429mm) 47.19" (1199mm) 182.19" (4628mm)
    S64DC-14-156 4TG F6*156 6'' 156" (3962mm) 53.62" (1362mm) 209.62" (5324mm)
    S73DC-66-110 3TG F7*110 7" 110.63" (2810mm) 50.06" (1271mm) 160.69" (4081mm)
    S73DC-66-120 3TG F7*120 7" 120" (3048mm) 53.12" (1349mm) 173.12" (4397mm)
    S73DC-66-124 3TG F7*124 7" 124.88" (3172mm) 54.81" (1392mm) 179.69" (4564mm)
    S73DC-66-129 3TG F7*129 7" 129" (3277mm) 56.5" (1435mm) 185.5" (4712mm)
    S73DC-66-140 3TG F7*140 7" 140.44" (3567mm) 60" (1524mm) 200.44" (5091mm)
    S73DC-66-150 3TG F7*150 7" 150" (3810mm) 63.50" (1613mm) 213.50" (5423mm)
    S74DC-74-120 4TG F7*120 7" 120" (3048mm) 44.12" (1120mm) 164.12" (4168mm)
    S74DC-74-135 4TG F7*135 7" 135" (3429mm) 48.43" (1230mm) 183.44" (4659mm)
    S74DC-74-140 4TG F7*140 7" 140" (3556mm) 49.75" (1263mm) 189.75" (4819mm)
    S74DC-74-156 4TG F7*156 7" 156" (3962mm) 53.75" (1365mm) 209.75" (5327mm)
    S74DC-74-161 4TG F7*161 7" 161.75" (4108mm) 55.31" (1405) 217.06" (5513mm)
    S74DC-74-167 4TG F7*167 7" 167" (4242mm) 56.38" (1432mm) 223.38" (5674mm)
    S74DC-74-180 4TG F7*180 7" 180" (4572mm) 61.12" (1552mm) 241.12" (6124mm)
    S84DC-66-148 4TG F8*148 8" 147.75" (3753mm) 51.50" (1308mm) 199.25" (5061mm)
    S84DC-66-156 4TG F8*156 8" 156" (3962mm) 53.75" (1365mm) 209.75" (5327mm)
    S84DC-66-161 4TG F8*161 8" 160" (4064mm) 55.75" (1416mm) 215.75" (5480mm)
    S84DC-66-170 4TG F8*170 8" 170" (4318mm) 57.25" (1454mm) 227.25" (5481mm)
    S84DC-66-180 4TG F8*180 8" 180" (4572mm) 59.75" (1518mm) 239.75" (6090mm)
    S85DC-66-170 5TG F8*170 8" 170" (4318mm) 49.88" (1267mm) 219.88" (5585mm)
    S85DC-66-190 5TG F8*190 8" 189" (4800mm) 54.62" (1387mm) 243.62" (6188mm)
    S85DC-66-220 5TG F8*220 8" 220" (5588mm) 60" (1524mm) 280" (7112mm)
    S85DC-66-235 5TG F8*235 8" 234" (5944mm) 64.62" (1641mm) 298.62" (7585mm)
    S85DC-66-250 5TG F8*250 8" 249" (6325mm) 68.62" (1743mm) 317.62" (8068mm)
    S85DC-66-265 5TG F8*265 8" 265" (6731mm) 71" (1803mm) 336" (8534mm)
    S85DC-66-285 5TG F8*285 8" 285" (7239mm) 78.5" (1994mm) 363.5" (9233mm)
    S95DC-52-220 5TG F9*220 9" 218" (5537mm) 62.44" (1586mm) 280.44" (7123mm)
    S95DC-52-235 5TG F9*235 9" 233" (5918mm) 65.44" (1662mm) 298.44" (7580mm)
    S95DC-52-250 5TG F9*250 9" 248" (6299mm) 68.44" (1738mm) 316.44" (8037mm)
    S95DC-52-265 5TG F9*265 9" 265" (6731mm) 72.62" (1844mm) 337.62" (8575mm)
    S95DC-52-280 5TG F9*280 9" 280" (7112mm) 72.62" (1997mm) 358.62" (9109mm)
    S95DC-52-300 5TG F9*300 9" 300" (7620mm) 79" (2007mm) 379" (9627mm)
    S95DC-52-320 5TG F9*320 9" 320" (8128mm) 83" (2108mm) 403" (9628mm)
    S95DC-52-340 5TG F9*340 9" 340" (8636mm) 87" (2210mm) 427" (10846mm)


    Parker and Hyva Kind Multi Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck















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